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High Temperature Alloys

What are high temperature alloys? The high temperature alloys are those alloys which can withstand temperature in excess of 1100 degree celcius. These alloys are used in components of nuclear plants, jet and rocket engines. Some of the high temperature alloys are as follows:

1. Incoloy. It is a nickel base alloy. It consists of 42% nickel, 13% chromium, 6% molybdenum, 2.4% titanium, 0.4% carbon and the remaining is iron.

2. Hastelloy. It is also a nickel base alloy. It consists of 45% nickel, 22% chromium, 9% molybdenum, 1.5% cobalt, 0.5% tungsten, 0.15% carbon and the remaining is iron.

3. VitaIlium. The main constituent of this alloy is cobalt. It consists of 62% cobalt, 28% chromium, 5.5% molybdenum, 2.5% nickel, 1.7% iron and 0.28% carbon.

Note : Inconel and Nimonic, as discussed above, are also high temperature alloys.

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