Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Companies in the World

Which organizations are the highest paying mechanical engineering companies in the world? Whenever we talk about engineering, the first thing that comes to mind is machines. Machines are the very tool of making our lives easier in the real life. From the chair you are sitting on, the tap you use to get water, the vehicle you use to travel or any necessity of life that you fulfil for that matter, machines play a vital role in helping you achieve these goals.  From designing a machine as simple as wheel to the machines as complex as the aircrafts taking us to Mars, there has been one engineering that has played a key role in innovation and that indeed is mechanical engineering. 

Why mechanical engineering is better than any other engineering?

The answer to this question is simple, mankind thrives on innovation and mechanical engineering is the backbone of innovation. The significance of mechanical engineering can be realized from the fact that no one principles of engineering are complete without it because every principle of engineering makes use of some kind of machine which is developed by mechanical engineering. The fundamentals of mechanical engineering like machine design, manufacturing, design of elements etc. have helped the researchers to truly advance in the development of state-of-the-art machinery. Mechanical engineers are always in demand and with the industry expanding into multiple disciplines, the demand is going to keep getting higher.

What are the highest paying mechanical engineering companies in the world?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Census Bureau, the projected growth rate of mechanical engineering in the US is set to jump to 4.5% adding another 100,000 jobs by 2020. Based on the data from the Census Bureau, the mechanical engineers earn 2.2 times more than an average occupation but there are some companies which certainly pay more to their employees. Following are the top 10 highest paying mechanical engineering companies in the world:

1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA is a US-based organization that is especially known for its space program. Established in 1958, NASA holds the prestige of being the first company to land an astronaut on moon’s surface. For their high risk and security-sensitive programs, NASA makes sure to give above and beyond to pay their mechanical engineers better than the rest of the companies. It is indeed due to their high salary package that a survey from Universum showed that 20% of the engineering students showed their desire to get employment at NASA.

Learn more about job at NASA as a mechanical engineer.

2. Google

Although not specifically known for its mechanical products, the multinational tech giant Google earns its place in the 2nd place of high paying companies for mechanical engineers due to its large network. Being the face of innovation and technology, google is second only to NASA in terms of graduates wanting to work for a company with the percentage adding up to an estimate of 18%.

Google publishes all jobs on Google Careers platform.

3. Lockheed Martin

The world-renowned aerospace company, Lockheed Martin, is home to more than 120k employees with most of them being the engineers. The company holds a reputation in terms of its advance defense-mechanism products like radars and missiles. With manufacturing being the core activity of the company, mechanical engineers are always in demand at Lockheed Martin and surely compensated fairly enough for their services.

4. Tesla

Tesla is currently leading the race for the innovation of electric vehicles. With the global warming rising at an alarming rate, the world has shifted towards sustainable energy and these electric vehicles have gained huge fame over the years for poison-free attributes of zero pollution. Tesla is currently at a hiring surge and its premium manufacturing of electric vehicles earns its employees some big bucks. Visit jobs at tesla platform to look for available opportunities.

5. Boeing

If you see a plane in the sky, there is a 2/3rd chance than it was manufactured by Boeing. Responsible for manufacturing the 75% planes of planet earth, Boeing holds the privilege for being the largest aerospace company in the world. Known especially for its motivating and entrusting leadership, the company certainly keeps its employees happy by giving them handsome salary packages.

Learn more about careers at boeing: https://jobs.boeing.com/

6. Applied Materials

When we talk about the leading manufactures of the semiconductors in the world right now, the name of Applied Materials comes out on top. The company supplies electronic chips to the top brands around the world for their telecommunications and entertainment appliances such as LED screens and smartphones. The salary packages at Applied materials are quite handsome and catch the attention of emerging technologists.

Website: https://www.appliedmaterials.com/

7. General Electric

Glassdoor ranks General Electric in the highest rated companies in the world. General Electric is known for introducing and excelling at the novel concept of Six Sigma which means that there are only 3.4 defects per million of defect opportunities. A milestone which speaks volumes on the level that the company works at. General Electric is listed in the Fortune 500 largest companies list and pays its workforce accordingly.

General electric has presence in almost all regions of the world. That's why any mechanical engineer can easily avail job opportunity in GE.

8. Schlumberger

Expanded over more than 110 countries in the world, Schaumberg is a very known name in the oilfield service companies. The drilling operations of Schlumberger require mechanical engineers every now and then and with its high standards of quality, the compensation for its engineers is quite amazing.

Website: https://careers.slb.com/

9. Cummins

Cummins is an American based organization specializing in the manufacturing of engines and filtration products. Quality-wise, their engines are considered superior to any other engine around the world. The manufacturing of such quality products requires them to employee professional mechanical engineers on daily basis. Besides being one of the highest paying companies, Cummins also offers exciting benefits for mechanical engineers working for them,

10. Apple

Apple is the pioneer of manufacturing quality communication products in the world right now. Their top-notch quality products like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook have gathered a significant likeness over the world and the company has grown exponentially over the years. For manufacturing their marvelous high-quality products, Apple certainly pays its mechanical engineers well to keep up the standard. According to Universum’s survey, 13% of the engineering students wanted to work at Apple. Visit Apple job portal for more details.

You can learn more about these companies and their perks and packages for employees on their websites. These ten companies are considered to be highest paying mechanical engineering companies in the world. Whenever you apply for a job, we recommend you to revise basic concepts of mechanical engineering.

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