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Mechanical Engineering Courses - all subjects with basic concepts and course outlines are given here. Select your desired course and you can revise all the basic concepts within an hour only.
We are working day and night to bring more courses to this website.


  1. Firstly, thank you for the favour which you are doing.

    Sir, it would be nice if you can post the basics concepts of fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Vinayak. Yes all courses listed above will be added to this website over time. So far we have added some basic courses. Advance courses like vibrations, Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics etc will be added within a few weeks.

  2. What about a concise copy of all material Jazib Saeeb offered ?

  3. PLZ bring basics of strength of materials also............
    and thanks for all these...................

  4. Sir It will be really helpful if you could post the remaining courses.
    And thanks a lot for this basics.
    Hoping to learn more very soon itself.

  5. Sir we need Mechanical Vibration Also....

  6. Sir, if you can put the automobile engineering as soon as possible that would be great.. I really appreciate what you are doing because millions of students are looking for these types of lessons and they can improve their knowledge by using this site. And each and every credit goes for everyone who is maintaining this site. Thank you all !

  7. First of all thank you for your wonderful work this helps lot for me.But,I can't access the som,Tom,heat transfer,production engineering and the other courses.when you will be this course sir.