Are Engineers Favourite Among Girls?

What do girls think about men who are engineers and what type of engineers are most favourite among girls? A survey was conducted by a team of aboutmech with members chosen from different countries. Each team member carried out a neutral survey in his/ her country to evaluate what females think about most of the engineers from different engineering branches. An overview of different questions asked in survey is given below:

Question: Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a husband?
Almost 50% women voted for mechanical engineers to be the most attractive husbands among other engineers. So mechanical engineers are most favourite among girls as a husband. They find them more trustworthy, intelligent, and creative. A married women from California said, “If your husband is a mechanical engineer, he will help you in everyday tasks. Because mechanical engineers are good team players and they have creative ideas about everything.”
Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a husband?
Question: Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a boyfriend?
In the category of boyfriends, software engineers topped the category. 61% girls said that software engineers are most attractive and hot boyfriends. When asked about the reason behind this answer, it was learned that girls prefer software engineer boyfriends because almost all young tech entrepreneurs are from this field. Young founders of tech companies attract women towards male software engineers. After all money matters a lot!
Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a boyfriend?
Question: Who is a better husband? A doctor or an engineer?
Surprisingly, girls like engineers more than doctors. 60% women said that engineers are more active life partners while 40% women said that doctors are better life partners for girls. A girl from Delhi, India said that Engineers are more attractive because of their creativity and life style.

Question: Which engineering career would you like your children to opt for?
This was another surprise for the team. Because 75% women said that they will not force their children into a field. It is free choice of kids. While among rest of the 25% women, more votes were given to mechanical engineering.

Question: Would you like to date an engineer?
Would you believe that 90% women said “yes” with a naughty wink and cute smile on their face.
There were few more questions which will be shared later on. Over all it is a good news for engineers. Life is good and it is colorful. If you want to share any of your love story with an engineer or as an engineer, please share in comments.


  1. Am a any girl mentioned above is willng to date me?

    1. Being a mechanical engineer you will not let any chance go for that :D

  2. Hahahaha.. I'm an mech

  3. lol, ironic how girls tend to prefer engineers, yet no girls at uni. So unfortunate...

    1. It is not unfortunate. Actually it is the reason behind this charm of mechanical engineers. Girls tend to like mechanical engineers because of this uniqueness.

  4. Why is so that there is scarcity of girls in mechanical engineering class?

  5. I'm power plant engineer.... Waiting for hot n sexy girls

  6. I would appreciate article written here. I want to know about author's field. I am Mechanical engineer, strong in IT too.

  7. Again I am really Proud to be an Mechanical Engineer


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