Engineers will produce energy from airport sound

Engineers at Boeing Airlines have started working on the idea of producing energy from jet sounds produced at airports. Now engineers will transform loud and ear itching sounds of jet engines to electricity. Since the start of commercial flights, engineers are looking for ways to reduce loud noise produced by commercial jets during taking off or landing. Now engineers working at Boeing have come up with this idea that this sound energy ca used as a source of electricity at airports.

Boeing Employee Chin Toh surprised everyone with a new proposal: how about producing electricity from airport acoustical energy? Chin toh is of the view that there is no system for productive use of this sound energy/ acoustical energy. It just dissipates during landing/ tale off. This only represents a lost energy resource. Toh’s idea is that this sound energy will be captures and transformed into electrical energy to power up airports or any of its function.

The propositions are significant in terms of funds and logistics. Runways would be given a renovation and their borders would be lined with "acoustic wave collectors." These devices grab and gather the vibrations produced by a plane engine's noise. The acoustic energy is then converted into air flow, which in turn runs a turbine. A generator coupled to the turbine's rotating shaft generates electricity, which is sent to a substation and distributed to where it is needed.

A few years back, an research at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol proved that runway uproar can be subdued using basic acoustics. For now, only the major airports are resourceful enough to use advanced noise-breaking mechanisms. The popularity of sound collectors may increase if the technology makes the implementation profitable.

Toh's patent might have to wait until the technology for gathering energy from sound waves improves. Until then, noise remains an example of unused resources that are just next to us, waiting to be harnessed.
Such ideas serve as a great source of inspiration for young engineers. This is a true representation of “necessity is the mother of invention”. Sound can be a great source of mechanical energy.

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    1. Of course it is efficient. Anything smaller or large is better than nothing. So if we can produce some energy from airport sound then why not?