Work Study

The work study consists of two techniques namely method study and work measurement. The pioneer work in this field was done by F. W. Taylor and Frank B. Gilbreth.

The method study is a technique to simplify the job and develop more economical methods of doing it.

The work measurement is concerned with the elimination of ineffective time (the time during which no productive work is being performed) and establishment of time standards for a job.

The objectives of method study are as follows:

1. To improve the total performance of the operating unit.
2. To maintain performance at the highest level during any given time and continuously to improve on that level.

The method study can be applied to almost all types of work, whether it be a factory, clerical or any other type of activity. The following is the basic procedure in the application of method study:

(a) Select the job or process to be studied.
(b) Record all facts about the present method by direct observation.
(c) Examine these facts critically.
(d) Develop the most practical, economic and effective method.
(e) Install the new developed method as a standard practice.
(f) Maintain the standard practice by regular routine checks.

The success of method study depends on the accuracy with which the facts are recorded.

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