Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines

Information about different hydraulic machines like hydraulic press, hydraulic ram, hydraulic accumulator, hydraulic intensifier, hydraulic crane and hydraulic lift. The following are the miscellaneous hydraulic machines:

(a) Hydraulic press. It is a device used to lift larger load by the application of a comparatively much smaller force. It is based on Pascal's law.

The efficiency of a hydraulic press is given by:

 Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines

(b) Hydraulic ram. It is a device used to lift small quantity of water to a greater height when a large quantity of water is available at a smaller height. It works on the principle of water hammer.

(c) Hydraulic accumulator. It is a device used to store pressure energy which may be supplied to hydraulic machines such as presses, lifts and cranes.

(d) Hydraulic intensifier. It is device used to increase the intensity of pressure of water by means of energy available from a large quantity of water at a low pressure.

(e) Hydraulic crane. It is a device used to lift heavy loads. It is widely used in docks for loading and unloading ships, ware houses, foundry workshops and heavy industries.

(f) Hydraulic lift. It is a device used for carrying persons and loads from one floor to another, in a multistory building.

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