Latest Technology in 3D Printing

Every engineer is passionate to learn about latest technology in 3D printing. There are many engineers and scientists out there who are working on new ideas for improved results from 3D printing in all sectors of life. Fast developments and innovations have been observed in 3D printing technology over past few years. With introduction of modern materials in the field of 3D printing, it has become even more interesting for us all. In short, 3D printing has revolutionized the world of design, medicine, construction, robotics and manufacturing.

In this article, I would like to share with you few latest developments and technology in 3D printing sector:

Speed Printing: Previously the technology used in 3D printing was a layer-by-layer strategy (hence the word “additive.”). This was very time consuming and it had some serious disadvantages like waste of time and material, reduction in objects’ ultimate strength and so on. But those days of layer by layer manufacturing are now gone. Engineers have now introduced “Continuous Liquid Interface Production” in 3D printing. This production strategy uses molten metal to build products from 3D printing. This technology is 25 to 100 times faster than normal layer-by-layer printers.

The Printing Welder: The size of most 3D manufactured objects is controlled by the size of the 3D printer using which those objects were printed. Engineers have now invented their own method. “The innovation is a robotic arm with a print head that extrudes metal strong enough to support structure”. This innovation in 3D printers has enabled engineers to develop large size products like furniture and even bridges using 3D printers.

Phone Printer: As the name suggests, Jeng-Ywan Jeng, a professor of mechanical engineering and the dean of the engineering department at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is now working on this idea to use mobile phones as 3D printers. The idea is to scan an image/ drawing in mobile and then tiny printer installed with mobile device will use light from cell phone to print 3D models in no time.

3D Printing in Space Technology: Now 3D printers have enabled space agencies to build, test and rebuild space rockets and other products at space stations.

Biomedicine: It is believed that 3D printing will alter the entire face of biomedicine and human parts manufacturing. Even 3D printers have been used to help paralyzed people walk. Is there anything more awesome than this?

Going Cheap: It is believed that mobiles will be used for 3D printing just as they are being used for texting. At the same speed as well!

3D printing is the latest technique in engineering so I recommend all mechanical engineers to work on such ideas and take up project ideas related to 3D printing in their final year projects. Even a little contribution will lead to huge benefits in future because it is said “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

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