Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Companies

Which are the highest paying mechanical engineering companies? Mechanical engineering is one of the most highly paid engineering profession in the market. It is the most marketable engineering with many industries around the globe. Moreover, the salary structure is variant according to different states and more skilled a mechanical graduate, the greater he can be paid.

The present mechanical engineers are required to perform research, manufacture, and design and practice mechanical gadgets. He must build an understanding of the mechanism. Mechanical Engineer acts as an analyst by identifying issues related to the mechanical devices. Mechanical engineering is related to almost every field, from making lifts to create structures that store ice-cream. It is quite computer savvy and is used in collaboration with many controlling systems and software-dependent solutions. As far as the salary of a mechanical engineer is concerned, the highest salary was accounted for $128,430 in the year 2015. The salary of the fresh graduate mechanical engineer was recorded $53,640 in the same year. Such figures are very motivating to opt this field. Some mechanical engineer job vacancies include Mechanical Design Engineer, Senior Mechanical Engineer, and Senior Mechanical Process Engineer.
Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Companies
Best highest paying mechanical engineering companies hiring mechanical engineers with a satisfying salary package are mentioned here:


For all mechanical engineers around the globe, getting a job at NASA is the most attractive and searched after gigs. NASA being the center of the new innovations holds the repute for interacting with the latest technology and having NASA on your CV opens a door of special opportunities for you as a mechanical engineer as it has a glass door company rating of 4.4/5.


The founder of Microsoft, Bill gates, may have got retirement from this job but Microsoft is continuing in exploring and introducing new technologies and innovations. Microsoft and Google are always requiring new hardware and equipment for practicing different innovations. This company has a glass door company rating of 4.1/5 is always looking for a mechanical engineer to develop new system designs having 95 job open roles for them.


Apple Inc. is one of the Information Technology company in the world. Apart from this, they are also on the edge of introducing new technologies in the market. It is a trendsetter and creates new devices that break their own previous records, like the iPhone, Mac Pro, and iPad. Apple has a glass door company rating of 4.0/5 with 179 job vacancies for mechanical engineers.


Google is the first trillion-dollar organization. Working for Google does not only include high wages but it provides you the best opportunities in advancing with computer systems. The opportunity for mechanical engineers is that for any device, google does not purchase any hardware, it designs and manufactures from the scratch owning a glass door company rating of 4.4/5 offering 92 prestige jobs.


Being a multinational company. Boeing is the best manufacturer of aircraft, rockets, and the latest technological advancements in the space from this world. It is considered to be one of the highest paying mechanical engineering company in the world. With Airbus, it is considered to be the leading manufacturers of the airline industry. Having a glass door company rating of 3.5/5 with 173 jobs for mechanical engineers implies being in that spot where new space advancements start.

Ford Motors

Ford Motors Company is still a reputable organization to work for all engineers including mechanical engineers too. After so many years, it is growing to incorporate new technologies to battle with time and mechanical engineers are concerned with it for having a glass door company rating of 3.9/5 and 41 job opening for mechanical engineers in this application.

If you have a work attitude and the insight to get a mechanical degree, use those skills to get a position you want and adjusting with the working culture will best support you in a professional manner.

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