Best States for Mechanical Engineers

Here we come with the 20 best states for mechanical engineers. So, if you are a mechanical engineer and looking for the best state, let's overview it. We compile data after keen research; this will help you in finding the right state for you. This article is equally beneficial for career and education.

1-    California:

California is the top-ranked state for mechanical engineers, holding a sub-national entity of 34th number in the world in population. The culture of this state integrates languages, foods, and traditions from worldwide. This North American state holds vast job opportunities of 28,130 job vacancies for mechanical engineers with 28,130 job vacancies with an average annual salary of 110,070$. Besides, the total employed is 127,330, and it has 331 workplaces with mechanical industries field. The policy of the California government is to provide dental, medical, and vision insurance to the employee. Plus, with offering additional benefits, like education assistance, profit sharing and disability insurance to its employees. Indeed shows a total of 2678 mechanical jobs are available in California now.

2- Arizona

Arizona is the sixth-largest and the fourteenth number in population state, withholding 7.279 million of the total population. With its unique culture, it gives a southwestern touch and Hispanic traditions to it. People mostly love to do outdoor activities here including, camping, biking, and hiking. It has ponderosa evergreen pine trees with the tallest height, and it lies 4,000 feet above sea level. The Arizona State consists of 162,490 total employed with an average annual salary of $103,889. Mechanical engineering companies in this state give medical benefits, life insurance, and parental leave to the employees.

3- Alaska:

Alaska has a 731,550 population, and Canada bordered linked to it on the east side. The Alaska state has 6807 total employed with an average annual salary of $108,682. One thousand two hundred vacancies are still available in the Alaska of mechanical engineering. Companies in this state give medical benefits, educational scholarships, and living facilities to its employees.

4- New Jersey

It's the fourth-smallest state withholding rich diversity of Quakers, Germans, African Americans, and Irish. The total population of this smallest state is 8.882 million that is quite large than its area. The entire mechanical engineering vacancies are 1176, and the total employed is 30,070. 

5- Washington:

The eighteenth largest state of the USA withholding 7.615 million of the population in it. Here are large Asian communities, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Scandinavians living. It has a total of 2001 total mechanical engineer jobs with an average salary of $87,696. Plus, the total employed is 15,079 in this field. Total workplace or mechanical industries in this era are almost 580. Like other states, it also gives health benefits, educational assistance to its employees.

6- New Mexico:

The USA's riches or state and has Native Americans and Hispanics more in number than others. The total population of this most prosperous state is 2.097 million. The mechanical job vacancies available in this state are 13,00 with an average salary of $89,499, and the total employed is 21,410 working at a different workplace. 

7- Texas:

Texas has 29 million of the total population. It comes in the most significant states with having a high populous rate of the USA. The job vacancies for mechanical engineers are in vast options; it offers 4,003 total jobs, and the employed working on this post is 87,000 with an average salary of $83,370. Moreover, it provides 617 industries for mechanical engineers.

8-    Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania is one of the best states for mechanical engineers. A state that owns 12.8 million of the total population, and it has folk culture in it. With an average salary of $85,740, it has total job vacancies of 16,590, and total employees are 97880 working in different workplaces in the state. The policy of the Pennsylvania government is to provide various healths, educational, financial benefits to its employees.

9-    Michigan:

Michigan has a 9.987 million total population. It has an art culture. It is surrounded by four lakes and several islands that enhance its beauty excellently. Its upper side bounded by Southwest Wisconsin and the lower side bounded by Ohio and Indiana. States. The total job vacancies available in this state are 6522, and the total number of employees in mechanical engineering is 22,000, with an average salary of $91,100. Besides, the entire workplace that offering this occupation is 790. The law of this state is to provide legal benefits to its employee who is working as a mechanical engineer.

10-    Illinois:

It's a vibrant city having bellwether for American society, culture, and politics. With a great place to live and work, this state holds 12.67 million of the total population. Seventeen thousand three hundred twenty employees and 8890 job vacancies are available, with an average salary of $92,030. Industries in this state offers home, car, and many other facilities and benefits to its mechanical engineer employee. Illinois is one the best states for mechanical engineers who wish to study from some finest institutes in this state.

11-    New York:

A career in the New York is like a dream for everyone. It is one of the best states for mechanical engineers. New York is a recognized state of the USA, and its total population is 18,823,000. Forty percent population of this state is catholic, thirty percent is protestant, and eight percent of its population is Muslim minorities. Three different types of mountains defied this state beautifully. This place is just beautiful and highly welled and maintained by the Government. So having a job in this state is just perfectly outstanding for you and your career. The mechanical engineering job vacancies are 9166, with 1,08000 employees having an average salary of $83,749. This state gives a lot to its employees. The automotive staff owned its own house while doing a job here. Further, a percent gets all types of health and educational benefits.

12-    Florida:

Florida state present in the southeastern United States. It links with Georgia and Alabama via the north. Besides, its culture matches with Southern American traditions. The total population of this beautiful state is 21.48 million. It offers 89,00 new jobs to mechanical engineers, plus the total number of employees is 21,000 with an average salary of $79,71. Here employee has the legal right to complain against his boss in case of any issue.

13-    Hawaii:

Hawaii is the smallest state in the USA, with only 1.416 million of population. It follows its 1500 old traditional culture, and it includes craggy ocean cliffs, lava deserts, bamboo forest, and misty plateaus in its geography. The total job vacancies available are 489, and the entire employed are 6080 with an average salary of $63,730. Further, the mechanical engineer working in that place has full rights, plus has medical benefits, educational scholarships.

14-    North Dakota:

It has 762,062 of the total population with having Native Americans, Scandinavians, and Germans in it. It's a friendliness state and well known for its sincerity. The mechanical engineer staff worth much in this state but having little low average salary rate. The total employed is 2000, and 7873 total job vacancies are available with an average salary of $63,730. The workplace offering these jobs is 723, and the policy of the state is to provide all fundamental rights and free medical assistance in any emergency.

15-    Maryland:

With a total 6,052,177 population, it also comes in the USA's largest populated region or state. The culture it follows is a combo or mixture of both Southern and Northern American. Therefore, working as a mechanical staff there for a North or South American is too easy. It has 45,900 total mechanical engineers employed and 2500 job vacancies available with an average salary of $95,190. The total number of workplaces offering placement for mechanical engineers is 813. The employee gets all legal rights, medical and educational assistance, home, and many other services in this state.

16-    North Dakota:

The total population of North Dakota is 884,659that is an average number. Here, Native Americans live in the highest number; however, many Indian reserves live in this state. It has 16,00 new job vacancies for mechanical engineers and 22,000 employees with an average salary of $64,244. The staff gets free life insurance, home, medical treatment, educational scholarship, and much more.

17-    Montana:

1.069 million in its total population, Rocky Mountains are found here in numbers. The total new jobs offering by the mechanical engineering companies are 2200 and have a total of 6500 employees working. The workplace offering this occupation is almost 345, with an average salary of $63,591. Like other states, this also states completely benefitting its employee in medical, educational, touring, and living.

18-    Ohio:

The total population of Ohio is 11.69 million worth considering, and it provides thousands of mechanical jobs opportunity to its residents and whole over the USA. The new job vacancies in this state are 22, 50, and the employed working as mechanical engineers are 32,000. Moreover, with the 670 workplaces and $70 076 average salaries, it is considered a medium-level job provider for engineers. Mostly, here living is German American migrants.

19-    Georgia:

Georgia State based on five geographic regions and having 10.62 of the total population. The actual available jobs are 4500 and the employed working as a mechanical engineer there is 37000. Employees of this state take benefits of mental and physical health care. Plus, free life insurance, convenience, facilities are available.

20-    Nevada:

Nevada, with a 3.0 million population, this state present in the mountainous region. The total offering jobs are 8889, and the total existing employees are 99,050 working in different workplaces. The average salary of a mechanical engineer in the Nevada state is $79,280. The State Government provides health, medical, educational facilities to its employees.

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