Online Certification Courses for Mechanical Engineers

Upgrade your portfolio with online certification courses for mechanical engineers. Essential technical skills are required by mechanical engineers to outperform in the industry. How does a mechanical engineer distinguish himself from other colleagues and aspirants on a job application? All of them study same courses and learn same technical and soft skills during their undergraduate and graduate study programs. What is it that makes a difference?

The job world has become very competitive these days. There are more engineers coming out of colleges than number of jobs available in the industry. Only those can survive who make themselves standout from the crowd. Mechanical engineers shall achieve additional certifications and professional activities to make a better CV.

Mechanical engineering is a vast field. Attaining professional training in a particular area of interest, enhances capabilities of engineers. This professional grooming plays a vital role in the career of an engineer. Several online certification courses are available for mechanical engineers whereby they can get hands on experience and learning for better career choices in future. Some best online certification courses for mechanical engineers are listed hereunder:

1. Wind Energy

It is a free online certification course for mechanical engineers. If you are thinking about making a career in wind energy or wind energy engineering, this course would be a good starting point because you get an overview of different research disciplines related to wind energy. The videos and lectures are very good because they explain complex physical concepts in a very short and condensed way. This course is very comprehensible for mechanical engineers who have not worked in this field before.

The course consists of 36 hours of learning program with in-video quizzes, exercises and discussions. The best thing about this course in wind energy is that you can do it at your own pace from any part of the world. Mechanical engineers are taught wind power meteorology, aerodynamics, wind measurement, wind turbine technology, materials of wind turbine, electrical and financial systems.

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2. Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology Specialization

This is on of the best online courses for mechanical engineers who wish to pursue a career in the field of programing robots or 3D printing. In this course, the students learn all the basic concepts of digital manufacturing and design technology. Starting from drawing of a product to its production in CNC machines, this explains everything.

Course Link:

3. Road Traffic Safety in Automotive Engineering

Opportunities for innovative transport solutions such as automated driving are opening as new technologies emerge and mature. Safety must be an intrinsic property of a sustainable and mobile society. In this course, mechanical engineers will learn about following:

  • Traffic safety systems throughout the entire product development cycle
  • Crash analysis and big data for safety
  • The role of driver and fundamentals of human factors for safe vehicle design
  • Active safety and automated vehicle technologies

Take this course and learn emerging technologies to make the roads safe. The course consists of 8 weeks of learning with 10-20 hours a week.

Course Link:

4. Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials

This is one of the best free online certification courses for mechanical engineers. The duration of this course is 08 weeks.

Have you ever wondered, what is necessary to design and build an aircraft and spacecraft? How to realize the shape and configuration set by aerodynamicists and performance and control specialists whilst ensuring that the aircraft or spacecraft will not fail but keeping in mind that it is inevitable that they eventually will? 

This course explains the considerations behind structural and mechanical designs of aerospace vehicles. It enables mechanical engineers to understand and explain the principles of airspace structural and materials design. Mechanical engineers will learn:

  • Analyze structural design problems
  • Material choices and manufacturing decisions
  • Latest development into the aerospace field
  • Structural material limitations
  • Safety and durability in aerospace structures in varying operating environments

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5. BIM Fundamentals for Engineers

BIM or Building Information Modeling is a process that facilitates mechanical engineering working in MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) sector. This course provides basic understanding of the BIM and how to create and operate BIM models.

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6. Introduction to Advanced Vibrations

This online certification course for mechanical engineers with title “introduction to advanced vibrations” is very beneficial for mechanical engineers and structural engineers. It covers all the topics starting from multiple degree freedom of system to vibration of string and beam.

Course Link:

7. Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing Specialization

Highly recommended online diploma course for mechanical engineers interested in the field of CAD/CAM and manufacturing. The course is being offered by AutoDesk (the developers of Autodesk Fusion 360). So, it is highly recommended online course for developing technical skills.

Course Link:

8. Robotics Specialization

The free online course on robotics makes mechanical engineers understand the challenge of figuring out what makes things function intelligently in the world i.e., sensing and controlling a mechanical design. On completion of this course, you will be able to build things and make them work in the real world. You can’t make a robot unless you understand mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. This course also helps you understand biology because biology is the best examples of autonomous systems. 

Robotics is going to play a bigger role in transforming our society and the way we work.

Course Link:

9. Introduction to Welding Engineering

In tis course mechanical engineers will learn:

  • Metallurgy in welding
  • Bead geometry
  • Types of joints
  • Welding symbols
  • Types of welding
  • Transformer
  • Classification of welding process
  • Gas tungsten arc welding
  • Metal inert gas welding

Please remember that a lot of free information is also available on our website regarding welding and different types of welded joints, gas welding, electrical resistance welding and arc welding

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10. Fundamentals of Submarine Engineering

The course offers variety of information for mechanical engineers interested in submarine engineering. This course covers following topics:

  • Working and engineering behind submarines
  • The working of variety of navigation systems
  • The evolution of submarines

11. Technical Report Writing

Technical report writing is an essential skill for mechanical engineers. It requires specific set of skills and understanding to communicate your report in a sequence and comprehensible hierarchy. You will learn different structures and styles of writing, the difference between industrial reports and academic reports, and how to plan an effective and efficient technical report.

Course Link:

12. Internal Combustion Engine Basics (Mechanical Engineering)

In this course the students learn how internal combustion engines work. This includes complete understanding of the working mechanism and components of petrol engines, diesel engines, two stroke engines, IC engines, and four stroke engines. The course comes with 22 online lectures on IC engines.

Course Link:

Mechanical engineers who do not wish to undertake an online course, may learn basic & fundamental concepts of mechanical engineering from our website i.e.

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