Varieties of Industrial Storage Systems and their Benefits

Moving industrial materials, such as bars and pipes, from one place to another can be difficult. It would be a hassle for the workers to load and unload lengthy tools. But, with the use of storage racks, the job becomes quicker and more organized.

Varieties of Industrial Storage Systems and their Benefits

Facilities are not the same size, as some have limited space compared to others.  Therefore, investing in bar and pipe storage racks is a sound decision to maximize every square inch. Many industrial workers found it cost-efficient in the long run.  

Types of Bar and Pipe Storage Racks 

The kind of bar and pipe storage racks you must buy depends on the total capacity of materials to be stored. Its most common type includes: 

1. Single-Sided Bar and Pipe Storage Racks 

Among the best options when buying a bar and pipe storage rack is the single-sided model. It has a total capacity that ranges from 12 to 16 tons, which is up to 4 tons per arm. Such storage racks can hold a variety of materials, like bars, tubes, pipes, and rods. 

The number of bays a single-sided storage rack can offer does not exceed five with up to eight arms per bay. Its length is the same as the double-sided units at a maximum of 12 meters. 

A single-sided configuration is best recommended for smaller facility spaces and yet manages to store plenty of industrial supplies. 

2. Double-Sided Bar and Pipe Storage Racks 

Owning a larger facility may require double-sided storage racks to manage more inventories. Compared to the prior option, this has a bigger space that can keep up to 32 tons of materials. It also has the same number of bays and capacity per arm. 

Double-sided options are well-suited for lengthy materials as well. They could be above 25 meters at whatever weight and size. 

However, this is a good choice for a larger facility. It may occupy additional square inches but also offers spacious storage for any goods. 

Features To Look For 

Finding a bar and pipe storage rack is essential for any industrial operation. So, below are the things to consider when buying one: 


Such stackable racks are made of base legs to keep the materials away from the surface. The base should remain stable when carrying heavy loads. Check on the materials used to assure you are getting a sturdy rack to support any equipment. 


Earlier, the two types of stackable racks are mentioned. Each can manage different capacity levels according to your needs. Hence, in picking the right equipment, it is important to identify its storage capacity to enjoy its full benefits. 


Stackable racks are built with arms and bases that differ according to their type. Both must be durable to load and unload materials of various sizes and weights. 

Pipe storage racks are sold in a wide range of options thus select the structure that best fits your requirements. Its main material is sturdy steel that guarantees longer use. 

Advantages of Bar and Pipe Storage Racks 

Next, is the benefits of storage racks, particularly created for bars and pipes. These things might convince facility owners to finally get one. 

Maximizes Storage Space

This type of storage rack can store objects of any length and width. Dealing with limited storage space can be frustrating but with the help of bar and pipe racks, the area could be maximized. There is no need to add square inches as the storage rack won’t occupy much space. 

Very Sturdy 

Storage racks are certainly highly durable because of the used steel material. Though it has a compact design, you can store varieties of goods in it. Plus, it will secure the goods from falling and dents.

Provides Quick Access 

Quicker access is also possible with bar and pipe racks. It will be easier to load and unload inventories whenever needed. Also, tracking the materials would be more relaxed as they are kept in proper places. This highly benefits the flow of operation and is simpler to manage. 


Most stackable racks are traded at a lower cost with lots of options. It is a great investment for industrial jobs that is very useful in terms of managing inventories. 

Prevents Possible Injuries and Damages 

Workers’ safety within the facility is vital. Some materials may accidentally fall off which can cause injuries to men. This can be avoided by adding storage racks to secure the materials from possible damages, moreover, reduces injury cases. 

Where to Buy? 

A pipe storage racking can help to utilize a facility’s space. It prevents unorganized materials that could take up so much space. This storage solution is made of heavy-duty steel and is tested in different field conditions. It also boosts the mobility of each inventory with greater visibility. Such a free-standing rack can support heavier weights and lengthy objects from the ground. 

There are also custom-built storage racks to provide more specific functions. Get in touch and share a bit of information about the type of construction that is most suitable for your needs. 

Final Thoughts 

A bar and pipe storage rack are among the most versatile tools for industrial jobs. It is intended for filling up huge materials, like bars, pipes, and tubes. Its advantages focused on the operation’s efficiency, in the long run. Stackable racks surely eliminate the need for additional space where to put inventories and are also durable for the long-time application.

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