Engineering Mechanics

Basics of engineering mechanics (statics and dynamics) course with all fundamentals and basic concepts of the subject. Below is complete outline of the subject as taught in mechanical engineering undergraduate course. It is compulsory for all mechanical engineers to revise basic concepts of engineering mechanics syllabus and other courses to stay updated with knowledge of the subjects and for a better performance during interviews. Engineering mechanics is a core subject in mechanical engineering degree taught during junior years of undergraduate degree because this is where engineering starts from. It has been observed that engineering students fail to give appropriate answers to technical questions during job interviews. This short introduction to all topics of engineering mechanics will help you revise all basic concepts.

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  2. i appriciate your work but can you upload this types of work for other subject given in your course list

    1. More courses of mechanical engineering will be added soon within a month time. Please keep visiting for updates.

  3. Very nice. Your work is really very appriciative.

  4. looking for books about jet engine please

  5. Which book I should purchase for Engineering Mechanics, Vector Mechanics by Beer & Johnston or Engineering Mechanics by S Timoshenko or any other?