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Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes & Slogans

Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes & Slogans
Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes & Slogans – A collection of some of the best mechanical engineering quotations. We receive several inquiries from engineering students asking us to provide them with list of slogans and quotes that they can use for printing on college t shirts, cups, glass, uniform and other accessories. While mechanical engineering students are in college, they love to show off their college mates about their branch. Putting a classy, dashing and unique tag line, quotation or slogan on t shirt is the best way to do this.

Although there is a long list of some of the best mechanical engineering quotes and slogans etc. But we have carefully chosen some of the best among these. I am hopeful that after going through all these quotations and slogans, you will not be looking further at other websites. Because this list has been carefully compiled for mechanical engineering students. I hope following list of quotes will help you chose one:

  1. ME – Real Engineering
  2. We conquer air, land, ocean
  3. Vibration – You never know which way it wants to go
  4. Ask ME about my ToolBox
  5. Can do it again and again – iReciprocate
  6. Do you hate ME?
  7. Dad’s pit screw
  8. East or west, Mech is the best
  9. Engineers do it with precision
  10. I use grease for lubrication
  11. Every nut needs a bolt
  12. Dare ME – Got nerves?
  13. I screw for a living
  14. Life is fluid
  15. God is Mechanical Engineer
  16. Mech is forever, Rest all rusts
  17. Without ME – physics is just theory
  18. When we screw, even metals cry
  19. When mech rests, world rusts
  20. ME moves the world
  21. No tech without Mech
  22. Suck, Squeeze, Suck, Squeeze – We do it four stroke way
  23. ME – Gear of tomorrow
  24. I screw Safely, I am Mechanical Engineer
  25. All sizes of screws that world needs
  26. Religion = Engineer, Cast = Mechanical
  27. No gears No Life
  28. Never take ME as granted
  29. Mechanical Engineers – World revolves around us
  30. ME – A sheer delight
  31. ME – The God Father of Engineering
  32. Mother of Engineering – ME

There are multiple uses of mechanical engineering quotes and slogans. Just for example, as I have mentioned earlier, you can get it printed on your class shirt, on your mugs, water bottles, cars, books, uniform etc. Even you can put it as your facebook status. For more mechanical engineering motivational quotes, please visit:

Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes and Slogans
Best Mechanical Quotations
Mechanical Engineering Punchlines
T shirt slogans for Mechanical Engineers
Quotations for Mech Engineers


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