Best Mechanical Quotations

Best Mechanical Quotations
Best Mechanical Quotations – Nothing beats mechanical engineers when it comes to innovation and style. We do not only put style in our designs and products, we also know how to put some style to simple text. We know how to defend the integrity, authority and merit of our best mechanical engineering branch. We use quotations, actually we have developed our own quotations to show case our mechanical engineering branch.

This list of best mechanical quotations can be used by all mechanical students who want to add some style to their uniform/ dress. You see when a college mate reads mechanical quotation on your shirt, he always feels jealousy and you will always feel superior king while wearing a tshirt with best mechanical quotation written on it.

  • We are studs, we screw from both sides
  • Trust me I am ME
  • Get in gear  with a mechanical engineer
  • Rear end collision specialist
  • No teeth no life, no gear no world
  • ME – What is an engineer looks like
  • Highly Mechanized
  • Gentleman I can start your engine
  • Getting hot? Try ME once
  • ME - Erection specialist
  • ME – Fitting specialist
  • ME – Not an ordinary plumber
  • Let me check your lose holes
  • Feeling lonely at the top – Mechanical Engineer
  • Can I fix your gear?
  • Lubrication – my Favorite Task
  • Insertion -> Expansion -> Explosion. That’s ME.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead, select one of the best mechanical quotations and rule the world. More best mechanical quotations:

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