Quotations for Mech Engineers

Quotations for mechanical engineers. Quotations are always inspiring. Be it engineering related quotations, or inspirational quotes. These short punchlines give us lots of inspiration, courage and love for our department. We all know that mechanical engineering is one of the best and top engineering branch in the world. This is why you will find more interesting and best quotations for mechanical engineers than any other branch of engineering.

Even I have noticed that people try to copy mechanical engineering quotations with other branches of engineering but this does not work. Here you will find this awesome collection of quotations for mech engineers:

  • ME - Erection specialist
  • ME – Fitting specialist
  • ME – Not an ordinary plumber
  • Let me check your lose holes
  • Feeling lonely at the top – Mechanical Engineer
  • Can I fix your gear?
  • Lubrication – my Favorite Task
  • Insertion -> Expansion -> Explosion. That’s ME.
  • Do you hate ME?
  • Dad’s pit screw
  • East or west, Mech is the best
  • Engineers do it with precision
  • I use grease for lubrication
  • Every nut needs a bolt
  • Dare ME – Got nerves?
  • I screw for a living
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