T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers

T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers
T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers – I received few emails from mechanical engineering students who asked me to write down few awesome slogans for mechanical engineering tshirts. This collection is a list of T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers. When we were in engineering college, we used to write these dashing slogans on each and everything that we belonged. Be it hostel room, chair, window, door, tshirt or anything else.

If you are also looking for some best tshirt slogans related to mechanical engineering, then this collection is going to help you a lot.

  • It is all about ME
  • When we screw, even metals cry
  • We screw for a living
  • Lubrication makes it easy
  • Bought this tshirt from hardware shop
  • ME – loves smell of machines
  • Do machines smell like vagina?
  • Both girls and machines require lubrication
  • Getting Hot? I can fix your engine
  • Trust ME – I am a mechanical engineer
  • No life without ME
  • Never take ME as granted
  • I screw for a living
  • Without Fluid, there is no life
  • Man is a mechanical production of GOD
  • ME – as old as world itself
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