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Non Engineering Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

What are non-engineering jobs for mechanical engineers? A mechanical engineering degree is a door opening for many opportunities. After getting into this engineering, the majority of the people follow the conventional journey and seek mechanical engineering jobs, some daring people go beyond the waves and choose an entirely different vocation.

Technical Writer

A technical writer is responsible for giving written descriptions or instruction manuals for different products and services. For the written content, the information is searched thoroughly and technicalities are observed before writing a product manual or user guide for their customers and employees. According to the report generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a technical writer was $63,280 in 2010 and this field is developing to a 17% increase. Most of the technical writers do not have a writing degree or diploma, they are from different fields. To be a successful technical writer, you must have a command on your words and writing skills. A mechanical writer can be a technical writer if he has the capacity of dealing with detailed data to develop clean and comprehensible writing for the readers. Being fluent in several languages makes a technical writer successful.

Sales Representative Engineer

If you are social, you must go for being a sales representative, as it requires people to have the best social relations and communication skills. It is merged with the technical writing background that requires in-depth details of the product. An engineering degree helps to be a technical sales representative to provide more product details to the customers. This job is linked to small or large organizations formulating many engineering items. The average salary observed was $87,390 according to the BLS in 2010. This field is expected to develop at a rate of 14% in the upcoming years. Individuals knowing some technical fields and methods of sales are preferred for this job. Sales Engineers are responsible for the new methods of advancements. Being a sales engineer brings many performance-based incentives with it. This is one of the best non engineering jobs for mechanical engineers.


Teaching is the oldest profession in the human history. Every field has its option and for mechanical engineers, it has various options depending upon the skills and levels of expertise and experience. According to the BLS, the average wage of a teacher was expected to be $92,670 in 2012 with a 17% rise in the upcoming years. A mechanical engineer can start teaching the teaching profession with a simple graduate degree or some teaching certificate. To apply for a university or college, a mechanical engineer must have a Ph.D. degree in the area of his expertise. Some mechanical engineers do not teach students at the school or college, rather they become instructors in different multinational companies and conduct various training sessions for new people in the working field.

Project Manager

Companies work on different engineering projects; a project manager is responsible for the completion of major projects keeping in view the time and cost constraints. Different organizations may have different purpose projects ranging from the construction of a bridge to the manufacturing of mechanical devices or software products. A project manager performs multiple tasks including several projects at the current time, checking the information about the products and devices used in the project and having detail knowledge of the financial constraints.  A project manager gets the opportunity to work with several other experts in other fields like the architects, IT specialists, and laborers. This field provides you practical experience.

Investment Banker

This is not an engineering field. Some mechanical engineering skills are implemented in the banking sector. Having remarkable mathematics and spreadsheet skills make you a good investment banker. A mechanical engineer with a little business background can break grounds in this section by working on finance-based projects. A majority of the engineers are familiar with accounting and spreadsheets; hence they are capable of executing the financial technicalities of this job. Mechanical engineers are also taught finance among other technical mechanical engineering courses.

Just to conclude, unlimited options of non-engineering jobs for mechanical engineers are available there in the market. One needs to adjust himself to the environment and up bring him with a multi-disciplinary approach.


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