Famous Mechanical Engineers

List of famous mechanical engineers who have done wonderful historical development in their life. Mechanical engineers design and manufacture machines, tools, and several types of equipment. The field is vast and includes many diverse specialties in areas such as aviation, electronics, aerospace technologies, agriculture, architecture, and the petroleum industry.

There have been several famous mechanical engineers who have invented and built machines that were revolutionary in their time - some still used today. Here are some of the top leading mechanical engineers and their significant contributions to society.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an immigrant from Serbia who participated in the design of the alternating current electricity supply system and is famously known as the father of the radio for his role in the invention of wireless radio communication. He was a visionary inventor who came up with modern electric motors, new laser wireless, radar technology, and Tesla coil. The Tesla Coil has been broadly used in radio, television sets, and other electronic devices.

Thomas Edison

Primarily known for inventing light bulbs, Edison also developed many other things, such as motion picture cameras, stock tickers, electric car batteries, mechanical vote recorders, and phonographs.

He was one of the first people to practice mass production for mass manufacturing in his early inventions. He has 1093 US patents in its name and more outside the United States. He was an excellent engineer.

James Watt

Born in poverty in Scotland and raised with a lot of debt, Watts nonetheless became an engineer who invented modern steam engines, rotary engines, and copying systems. He is among famous mechanical engineers of the world.

He also developed the idea of horsepower and based on his importance as one of the best scientists of his time.

George Stephenson

George Stephenson, popularly known as the father of railroads, was a British inventor whose pioneering work in civil and mechanical engineering led to the creation of the world's first intercity railway using steam locomotives.

His story is rich in history - from his birth in a financially weak family to his status as an independent engineer, which not only changed the transportation sector but brought about a major industrial revolution. Thanks to him, animal power gave way to the steam locomotive that eventually led to the world's first public railway.

In addition to building the first railway line, Stevenson is behind the invention of the most famous railway locomotive, Rocket. In addition, it was Stevenson who designed the four and a half meter rail gauge, which became the standard gauge for most railways around the world.

He is also responsible for developing a safety lamp for miners that significantly reduces the risk of explosion in the mining sector.


Greek genius designed objects to support his hometown - Syracuse. He developed techniques to use heat rays and mirrors to burn the ships of their enemies and developed the famous Archimedes screw to eliminate bilge water and the pulley system. His contribution in finding volume and density lead to opening of new horizons in the field of hydraulics and fluid mechanics.

His inventions were beneficial to his city and its inhabitants. Known as a skilled mathematician, engineer, inventor, astronomer, and physicist, he has made some of the most influential contributions in engineering. It is a real inspiration to all aspiring mechanical engineers. His contributions add him to the list of famous mechanical engineers in this world.

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