Mechanical Engineering Punch Lines

Mechanical Engineering Punchlines is a collection of awesome, beautiful and unique tag lines for mechanical engineers. We have already written many articles on this subject of mechanical engineering punchlines, quotations and tag lines. You can choose best of your choice from this list of mechanical punchlines for writing on college shirt/ sportswear. These punchlines are so unique in nature that you will not find anything similar to these on internet or on any other shirts etc.

  • Ask ME about my ToolBox
  • Can do it again and again – iReciprocate
  • Do you hate ME?
  • Dad’s pit screw
  • East or west, Mech is the best
  • Engineers do it with precision
  • I use grease for lubrication
  • Every nut needs a bolt
  • Dare ME – Got nerves?
  • I screw for a living
  • Do you love ME?
  • Without ME – No Life
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Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes and Slogans
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Mechanical Engineering Punchlines
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Quotations for Mech Engineers

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